About Waves Skills Lessons

The individual stroke and skill sessions are an intense way of looking at a particular stroke, set of turns of dive that the swimmer feels they need extra tuition in or just may wish to perfect.

All aspects of the selected stroke will be covered in the session, including body position, kick, pull, breathing, timing and starts/finishes. In addition to this we also offer skills camps that purely focus upon turns and dives. This ensures each swimmer gets the most from each skill development session and not rushing from one part to another.

Our coaching team have immense knowledge in this field and offer the best advice and information keeping in line with the ASA laws and guide lines.

Our poolside team have gained vast experience and knowledge over their years of involvement in the sport and have a proven track record of swimmers achieving highly at national championships over several years.

We offer three types of Swimming Skills Lessons:

Run during the school holidays we offer a range of sessions and camps tailored to your needs. Our full timetable can be found here, showing all the sessions that will be available in the next school holiday period. The Waves Swimming Skills Lessons are as follows:

Group Lessons

Group stroke sessions as well as skill sessions working on dives and turns. There is a maximum of 8 swimmers in each of these sessions that are an hour in duration. These focus on the whole stroke/skill and are broken down into fine points to develop before putting the stroke back together. Each swimmer will receive lots of individual feedback during the sessions. As we now its impossible to remember everything, we give you a feedback sheet on the main points you need to remember to develop your stroke/skill further.

1-2-1 Stroke/Skill Lessons

We also now offer 1:1 sessions with a professional swimming coach. These 30 minute sessions are designed by you. We are happy to develop any aspect of your stroke or skill you feel you need development. These sessions has seen huge impacts in the swimmers technique and swimmers goals achieved in open meets as a result.

Tailor Made Swimming Camps

Swimming smarter has a lot of do with technique but there are also lots of other areas that as an athlete you can work upon such as personal goal setting, hydration, nutrition, effective time planning and educating your parents! We create whole day swimming camps tailored around what as a club or group of parents require. We will work with you to personally create the best 1 day or 2 day camp for you based on the swimmers you have and the objectives of the camp sessions. We offer pool sessions, land training sessions as well as talks for swimmers parents and teaches and coaches. We start with a blank piece of paper and develop the camp around you and your objectives. We have access to sports halls, classrooms and swimming pools but we are also very happy to work in your home pools and facilities. These bespoke swim camps can be arranged on weekends as well as in the school holidays so get in touch to design yours now.