Waves Swimming Academy was set up in 2013 by experienced knowledgeable swimming experts to offer intensive swim coaching focusing only upon stroke and skill technique. As technique in the world of swimming is the most important factor.

The Waves Philosophy

The philosophy of Waves is to create a high quality coaching environment educating both swimmers and parents on techniques and knowledge for the swimmer to develop in their chosen sport.

We limit class sizes to ONLY 8 so that the swimmer/coach ratio in low enough to ensure high attention and fast development so your child can reach their goals. We have links to competitive swimming clubs in your area and our intensive technique/skills sessions supplement the coaching you will receive from your swimming club.

Courses will be led by qualified and experienced coaches ensuring that the most up to date methods and skills are used.
All our coaches on our stroke/skill development camps have vast experiences with working with swimmers of national level including coaching national champions.

Through member feedback and communication, we ensure that parents can see how their child is progressing and our regular newsletters will give the additional knowledge and information that all swimmers can use to help them succeed.